Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Current Book Description

What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train.
"Biologists go to school, learn how to do proactive and productive research, learn how to implement that research, learn how to report their findings in a clear and concise way, and constantly practice and refine these skills. Actors do the same. I look forward to a new generation of empowered actors. "-Jessie Fahay

This brief guide-book provides motivation, direction, and inspiration to any actor looking to practice the best possible craft/crafts. Any actor who is wondering about how he or she should master the art of performance on stage or screen needs the resource of knowing what methods there are, which schools teach those methods, and which actors have studied which methods. This book is that resource. And it is a fast read! After reading this book, actors will know exactly how to navigate their career, how to expand their entertainment-business knoweledge, and they will have access to many additional resources. This book can be found at http://www.amazon.com/What-Method-Different-Actor-Train/dp/1456714635/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1306615113&sr=8-1

Author Bio

Jessie Fahay is a New York based actress, public speaker, singer, producer, and published playwright who is out to make a difference with her writings, performances, and workshops. Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she grew up constantly researching and questioning human behavior through her studies in theatre, eastern philosophy, and a multitude of performing and writing methods. She is currently pursuing her MBA from Capella University. She is the proud founder of the performing arts company, Ripple Effect Productions, which in the spring of 2010 put on a fundraiser to empower six different charter schools’ creative arts programs. This benefit featured the performances of many comedians, Broadway singers, touring singers, and independent musicians. In January, 2011 Ripple Effect Productions put on William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” that asked the question, “How far has our view of women really progressed?” This production provided funds for a cutting-edge New York feminist group, Paradigm Shift (www.paradigmshiftnyc.org). For performance updates, please visit www.RippleEffectArtists.org and www.jessiefahay.com.